Hardwood Flooring
Hardwood Flooring

REAL contractors who install and
refinish REAL hardwood floors

Hardwood floors are a serious investment and making a choice based simply on price is a common mistake.

Whether you are installing new wood floors or sanding and refinishing existing wood floors, there are many variables that impact the quality and longevity of a floor.

After your project is completed, you need to properly maintain that wood floor investment.

In doing your research, I’m sure you will read online how every Sacramento hardwood flooring company is the best or has been in business since the beginning of time. That’s all fine, but it really does not allow you to establish a benchmark of true experience.

Does a contractor have 20 years of true experience?

Or do they have one year of experience repeated 20 times?

At Auburn Refinishing we are currently the only NWFA
certified Sacramento hardwood floors contractor in the region.

We obtained our certifications so the “rubber can meet the road” for those customers in search of a Sacramento hardwood flooring contractor with validated experience. It also ensures that we do not install, sand or finish jobs that develop problems after we are done.

In the upper right hand corner, we have created several options for you to do your wood flooring research or contact us for a refinishing or installation project.

Even if you do not contact us, please take the time to use our free library of information. It is a collection of hardwood flooring videos, pictures, and blog entries designed to help and educate consumers.


Our hardwood flooring services at a glance

Hardwood floor installation

We will help you identify the best hardwood flooring products that are compatible with your home and do all components of the job from carpet removal to completion of the floor.

Wood floor sanding

We are specialists of refinishing wood floors. Our sanders are well-maintained machines from Lagler of Germany. These machines are are exceptional at dust collection.

We can also change the color of your wood floors during the sanding process if you prefer. If your wood floors look pretty good, then maybe you simply need a maintenance finish coat and we can provide that service as well.

Wood repair

On a case-by-case basis we do repair wood floors. This mostly includes fixing damage from dents and dings.

Please read our repair section carefully, because all estimates for wood damage repair are ONLY initially quoted via email with photographs. We have to do this in the interest of preserving our time, as we are a small company by choice with limited manpower. We do this to provide more personalized service.

We will provide you an approximate estimate on email.

UV floor finishing

One of the investments that we have made is to acquire equipment for ultraviolet light curing of wood floor finish. The floor is sanded like normal, but then cured on site with a machine. After curing, all smell is gone and the finish is 100% cured and very durable.