Hardwood Flooring
Hardwood Flooring

Hi there,

I’m Scott Avery and I own and operate Auburn Refinishing and we are a Sacramento hardwood floor contractor. It is very important to me that my clients and I get along and respect each other a lot. I put together this page not to ramble on about achievements, but so you know more about what makes me tick and the person behind the business to ensure we are a good fit

So, here goes:

The wood floor business is a good fit for me because it is rewarding if you like to learn and keep improving. The corporate ladder in wood floors is only tied to your own ambition and discipline. I try to operate my company as if every wood floor project is for my own house.

I have a very high but realistic expectation for our wood floor projects. Our floors will be exceptional in quality, but at the end of the day we still need to be able to use them and enjoy them. “Perfect” is subjective, but excellent is achievable when you set expectations properly.

Scott Avery

I’m an inquisitive type B person with a keen observational sense

I hope you are here reading this because you also have a high expectation for the quality of your wood floors.

I love animals and as a young child I wanted to be a veterinarian and live in the mountains…

I grew up riding horses and loving animals. When I was 7 years old my pets were:

cats, horses, snails, a cockatiel, and a hermit crab. I started college with the intent to become a veterinarian but deviated course a little and graduated with a couple of degrees in molecular biology. I currently live in the foothills with my family, a dog, and my three goats so I guess I came close to my childhood ambitions.

If you follow us on Instagram, you’ll quickly figure out that I have become a goat addict in addition to being a wood floor aficionado. We love living out in the foothills amongst all of the horses and livestock.

As I grow older, I am becoming a better person at valuing my time

This is an important one for me. At this point in life I have worked hard to put this company in a position to have options on choosing our projects and clients.

I like working very hard for my clients and investing my time properly. Time is the only thing of which you cannot buy additional quantities. I hope you value your time as much as I do. I want to be very upfront with you and say that we’re not going to be the lowest bidder for your project. If flooring cost is your number one concern, please help me preserve some of my time and first request a Ballpark estimate here to see if we’re even a contender for your wood floor project.

I feel that we are VERY fairly priced for the value we bring to our clients.

Sometimes this industry frustrates the hell out of me…

No, I don’t mean the daily happenings of my wood floor company specifically. What I am specifically addressing is the high percentage of “fly by night” business that occurs in the flooring industry.

As I mentioned elsewhere, I am an NWFA certified wood floor inspector and usually when I am called in, there is a problem for which a cause needs to be determined. The root cause typically is that so few contractors and retailers of wood floors completely understand what they are selling or doing. For me to even get close to helping you understand how bad the problem is, you’d need to sit down with me for quite a while and you might fall asleep. Just understand that you really need to do your research before buying a wood floor or hiring a wood floor contractor.

My own grassroots effort to reverse this trend in the wood floor industry is my blog and all my videos. All of the information is honest, free, and based on real world experiences and training. Even if you are not going to hire me, if you email me I will promise to offer an honest educated opinion to help you.

Humility is a better sign of knowledge and skill than a macho attitude

The macho that exists in the wood floor industry is generally a cover-up for people who are too complacent to learn new techniques or habits. Arrogant hardwood contractors do not like anyone challenging their knowledge. When you are getting estimates for your wood floor project and a contractor starts rattling off bad things against another contractor, please ask them what wood flooring specific training they have from an actual organization. You will probably stump them.

Being a Sacramento hardwood floor contractor has given me the horse sense of Dr. Phil but not the money….

Just kidding. Who knows, maybe I will get a syndicated show about wood floors like This Old House.

In all honesty though, I have learned one thing in my business: work for people of a similar ethic who are genuinely happy on the inside. I could care less to work for the wealthiest person in Sacramento if they are mean and hateful on the inside. My goal is to have a good understanding of my hardwood clients, treat them well, and be proud to say hello when I see them around Sacramento, Roseville, etc…

I know that was long winded, but I just want to make sure we are going to have a great time working together. My clients are a long-term investment for me just like your floor is a long-term investment for you.

Sincerely, Scott Avery

Scott Avery 2