Hardwood Flooring
Hardwood Flooring

Be afraid, very afraid

Currently, I am helping advise a homeowner in NC whose walnut floors have a severe adhesion/white lines syndrome issue. I’m glad to help her and email back and forth and not charge a fee because I feel that paying it forward is essential in my industry. I know my stomach would turn if I had just paid for 3000 square feet of walnut to be installed in a custom house and it had major issues, so being empathetic isn’t a problem.

During our discussions, she recently sent this link for a so called “online expert” who charges $70 to answer a question


This guy is scary to me for several reasons:

There is no indication he is or ever was a hardwood flooring contractor. Supposedly, he has been around since 1979 (well before the internet).

The advice he is giving is usually not accurate and just strikes me as someone who has read a few Fine Homebuilding magazines and watched a few wood floor sanding videos.

A majority of the products he is referencing and recommending no longer exist or comply with VOC standards in some states.

Nowhere on his website does it indicate that he is a member of the National Wood Flooring Association, the premier wood floor organization in the world.

There is NOWHERE to reply or comment to his “advice” on the website. This makes me really question things because he thinks his answer is perfect, without any input.

Homeowners, the internet is filled with so called experts in this industry. Be very careful of what you read because there are more charlatans than experts as a general rule.

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