Water-based finish versus oil based finish color

We recently refinished the hardwood floors at a house in north Portland and they were old growth fir flooring. The floors had previously been refinished using a waterborne finish and judging on the color and age they were probably done somewhere in the 5-10 year period beforehand. The kitchen floor on the left was a little too worn through to refinish, so we left that portion in its original state. The floor on… Read more »

Jobsite conditions and rare finish issues

I’ve recently been scratching my head over issues that are so rare that it took some digging through contacts to resolve. Here is the full explanation of diagram of a phenomenon know as Benard cells:   Bénard cells: differences in surface tension

To achieve good flow, the surface tension must remain uniform over the complete surface of the coating layer whileit is drying. During the drying of a solventborne coating film, the solvent on the surface… Read more »

Big dogs and durability of hardwood floors

All too often I get the question about finishes and durability by people who have big dogs. There is no magic formula, except concrete floors maybe, but here are some ways to enjoy the beauty of your hardwood floors and still have a big loveable dog. Grooming is everything- I know it can be a slight expense, but regular visits to the groomer will do a lot for keeping dog nails… Read more »

Restoring a botched sanding job

The other day we received a phone call from a distraught homeowner. She had unfortunately hired a “fly-by-night” contractor for a job. Originally when he was hired he was there to install tile, but assured the homeowners he could also refinish the wood floors. Because of the unethical nature of this person, I am willing to release that his company was called “A Touch of Class”, or at least that was the name under which… Read more »

The price isn’t right

One of the things I have been startled about lately is how the hardwood floor refinishing market in Sacramento has been subject to really large variances in price. At our company we try to deliver a service with considerable value that includes very personable customer service in addition to a quality product. We make a very disciplined effort to hide no element of what is included, which are the questions that consumers should ask in… Read more »

Hardwood finish and adhesion, the overlooked but critical factors

The tremendous range of hardwood floor finishes available these days has become almost exhausting to keep pace with any more. In the previous blogs we have discussed wood floor finish options and pro and cons. This blog has less to do with actual chemistry and understanding mechanisms of adhesion. There are pretty much two ways by which hardwood floor finishes adhere to a floor, chemical or mechanical bonding. Chemically bonded finishes integrate into previous layers… Read more »

White Lines Syndrome

The latest trend in wood flooring has definitely been for darker floors and wider boards. Exotic wood flooring has also seen growth in market share. One of the unspoken problems is that when seasonal movement occurs within the boards of the floor some finishes can actually become stretched out during this process and they leave a white line down the seam of the boards. This problem is particularly bad with waterbased finishes that have come… Read more »

Why can’t you sand that old fir floor?

All the time I meet different people for an estimate who assume that their old Fir floors cannot be refinished, so they think that they will install new flooring over the floors. Usually the floors have been covered in paint, carpet, or linoleum forever and as time has gone on people have realized the best looking of their options is a wood floor. One important thing to understand about the floor sanding process is that… Read more »

What type of hardwood is the most durable?

The question I am most frequently asked by homeowners selecting new flooring is, “What wood is the most durable?” Again this is a trick question because there are three primary factors that will determine the durability of any hardwood floor: density of the material, finish coats, and maintenance. The density of hardwood flooring material is tested by the Janka scale of hardness. Essentially, a standard sized ball bearing is hydraulically pressed into the material to… Read more »