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Bona Polish messes up hardwood floors. Do not use it ever!

Let me blunt for anyone reading this post… Bona is a floor finish company in my industry that is the equivalent of Lumber Liquidators.They are both purely smoke and mirrors and offer mediocre products at best. Both companies market and advertise like crazy to create market share and brand identity. That is why you likely have heard these two names no matter how little you know about the wood flooring industry.

The REAL trouble with Bona as a company is that they count on you to trust that they always have your best interest in mind instead of being a savvy consumer. So………Prepare to have your mind blown. Just look below.



If you have come upon this blog post because you or the housecleaners used Bona Polish and it is now looking dull and cloudy, then read on. I will tell you a few ways to fix the issue listed in order of cost to you:

  •  This reminds me so much of “The Star Bellied Sneeches” that I cannot stop laughing. We’ll sell you the stuff to ruin your floor and now we will sell you the stuff to fix it. Fixing your floor this way is going to require lots of elbow grease and clean rags. By the way, buy an organic vapor cartridge respirator. Just look at the stuff in this product…. And this is the company that claims to be extremely eco friendly. Just remember that when you’re high on toluene fumes. If you don’t prefer to pay more money to the people who sold you the bad stuff, then you could simply buy a few gallons of solvent like denatured alcohol or lacquer thinner and take a chance that it works. It probably will but you’ll feel like you just drank 2 bottles of Chardonnay after you are done cleaning.


  • Prepare to have your wood floors stripped and recoated by a professional. This method will be the most costly, but will yield the best results. This product is VERY stubborn to remove.  I recently went through 6 double sided scrubber pads using a buffer to remove it from 1200 sq ft of floors. It took 3 hours of time to remove with a buffer, so on your hands and knees I would plan 1 to 2 full days if it is a big floor. After stripping the Bona Polish, then the floor still needs to be buffed again to prepare for the adhesion of a new finish coat. Once this is done we vacuum and apply a new coat of finish. This procedure results in the most even sheen across your wood floor, but will cost significantly more.


I write my blog posts primarily for one reason: TO INFORM CONSUMERS. 

It is incredibly sad when people are a day late and a dollar short because they already made a bad decision. Hopefully, someone reading this will avoid a mistake rather than make one. I live and work only in the Sacramento/Auburn region. So, if you live here too, then email me and I can possibly help. If you need a real contractor and live elsewhere, then go to woodfloors.org and find a certified professional. Whatever you do, I recommend against using a Bona certified craftsman because you’ll just get more nonsense and drivel then real answers for your problem. Bona is a purely bureaucratic company seeking profit. The DO NOT care about consumers. I see it everyday in my contracting business so take this as a warning from a third party who is transparent.



28 thoughts on “Bona Polish messes up hardwood floors. Do not use it ever!

  1. OMG Bono polish wrecked my floors…..now after 2 days of using Zep to remove the dull and streaky mess I am still removing the horrible mess left by the Bono product.
    do not use this product !!!!!!!

    I have used the regular Bono floor cleaner in the past and was very satisfied but the polish is a disaster

  2. I also tried that Bona Floor Polish crap on a small section of floors. It left a heavy haze residue. I cleaned the floor section with a cotton towel and some vinegar/water/alcohol mixture and it had the same dull shine as the rest of the floor. I used the non-gloss polish because I wanted to fill in the “micro” scratches that it claimed to do. That is a bunch of crap.

    I have been trying to find something to remove that polish and will try windex tonight. I’ll never buy their over hyped product again.

  3. I love Bona wood floor cleaner but lately its been very sticky why? I follow the instructions & still very sticky after it dries not happy

  4. December 2016- My wife used Bona floor polish as the last step before selling our house (only 2 days before before closing). She thought she was doing something nice for the buyer and was going to polish our Bruce hardwood floors. A big box employee recommended the product. WHAT A DISASTER!! The “polish” (haha) left a heavy streaky haze that would NOT come off. No hardwood cleaner, windex or seemingly anything would work. In desperation, I went to Target and Home Depot and bought every possible cleaner to try to remove. Ultimately, 2 things worked: 91% isopropyl alcohol and straight ammonia. We opted for the ammonia, using a spray bottle and a grout sponge, doing 2SF at a time, making sure we removed all excess cleaner and residue with paper towels. PS- buy a bunch of paper towels! We did 1000 SF, 2 SF at a time, and has to breathe the fumes. I wish I could get the word out to everyone. NEVER, EVER, EVER USE BONA FLOOR POLISH!!!

  5. I had a horrible experience with the Bona polish, left my floors with a dirty, sticky buildup. I ended up having to call a flooring service to come out and fix it, cost a dollar a foot to remove all the buildup, but my floors look great again. Definitely do not buy this product!!

    A heads up, if you’re in the San Diego area I had Ace floor care fix it and they did a great job!

  6. I used the Bona polish and it did not look too bad. Then a week later I used the Bona cleaner – now my floors are hazy and dull. I am so upset. Other products from other brands were fine – why did I ever switch? Because the stores say this is best product – now my floors are ruined. I just want to get them back the way they were and burn the Bona products!

  7. Used the polish and have a dull cloudy finish now. Have used it before and it left a nice shine. Don’t know if maybe the formula has been changed. I’ll try and buff it out and won’t use it again.

  8. I have used the Bone cleaner in our Brazilian Cherry manufactured hardwood floor for several years. Great results, so decided to try Bona polish. Disaster, cloudy/smeared floors. Spilled a few drops on our dining room table and now it has a smear! I tried the Bona cleaner and it will not remove the smeared polish. What a mess. I am searching the net for answers. Don’t call Bona. They are very nice but just try to sell more product.

    • If that’s the case, he dodged a bullet. My wife used Bona polish and now I need to refinish 300 sq ft of Brazilian Cherry I laid just las year.

  9. OMG! It sickened & angered me to read all these complaints on Bona’s polish. We HAD a beautiful maple wood floor until we applied Bona polish. It left a sticky, filmy, gooey film. After calling their Aurora office to complain, we were told we needed to apply a heavier coat of polish to work properly — which we did. HUGE MISTAKE! It only made it worse! I then called the office again & spoke with Phoebe. I let her know that to repair & correct their faulty product was going to cost thousands of dollars & felt I should be compensated. Phoebe was biligerent & offered nothing more than to send me a do it yourself removal kit & said if I wanted to hire a professional it was at my expense. BTW. They do offer professional contractors in your area. Hmmm. What does this tell you??? Hello???? I agree. A class action lawsuit should be filed & this product taken off the market!

  10. Bona floor polish ruined my floors too. Cost me $1500 to refinish my floor. Someone told me a class action suit has been filed. I would like to join in. Anyone have any info on this?

  11. I am distraught. I called myself researching a polisher for my 4 year old red oak hardwood floors. Bono was highly praised- so I purchased and applied. Omg- after use my lovely floors got this milky haze. I panicked and starting calling local floor experts and they were stunned about the results. One of the floor company reps read the product label with me- and said, based on what the label states and your following directions to apply, this should not have happened. The recommendation was that I needed to have the floors restored at a cost of $2400. I had two more floor experts provide a quote for the fix, they made appointments to visit, but based on my description of the issue they are pricing in the $3k amount. This is unaffordable. I went to the Bono site- no help. I hit the tab for professional on their site- and instead of any direction they list the names of flooring experts in the area, one of whom I had already called and received a quote to fix. They were surprised to know they had been listed on the Bono website.

    I then went to YouTube- believing that surely there had to be a less costly solution. What I found was a promo about buying another of their products for stripping wax. I was so angry. I have now been on my hands and knees washing my floors at least 4 times- to remove the haze- no luck. It seems that the Bono product stripped the poly urethane off my floors as they are still hazy and streaked.
    I am a distraught consumer and wish I had found this site before I took this journey with this Bono hard wood floor polish. I have to live with the damage for awhile as I now must save for repairing what happened. The positive comments I read prior now make me suspicious. Beware!
    I went to the

  12. Bona polish has ruined our hardwood floors. It has left a thick layer of residue that I realized today is flaking off. I thought the dark marks and streaks was just due to our floors being 12 years old and weathered but i started scraping at the areas that apperaed to be flaking and our beautiful wood floors are underneath the flaking layers of this crap! I am in shock, I’m believable!

  13. We used Bona Polish on our hardwood floors and spent a week stripping it off. Don’t spend the money for the Bona stripper. Plain old ammonia works much better and is so much cheaper. We then used Bona Rejuvenator. Guess what, its the same stuff as the polish. We are now on day 2 of stripping. Never again will I use any Bona products.

  14. I bought a bottle of Bona Polish… got the floors all cleaned and was JUST going to spread it out this morning when I thought I’d do one last glance of online reviews and application strategies. OMG!!!! THANK YOU!!!! Looks like I almost ruined my gorgeous hardwood floors in my new (to me) home!
    THANK YOU! What product do you recommend to restore the shine and fill minor scratches. I’ve been using the Bona cleaner and that seems to have worked fine. Now… it just needs a little sprucing…
    Again… many thanks! Sounds like you’ve saved me thousands$!!!

  15. In our local hardware store we bought the Bona Polisher for our Brazilian Cherry hardwood floors.
    Wish we would have read the reviews before doing so because now our floors are ruined!! They are hazy and streaked and dull and sticky
    You call Bona and boy oh boy they are very kind to try and sell you a product to fix their error!!
    What??! That’s ridiculous and I think Bona should be pulled off every shelf
    We have tried the denatured alcohol, and other cleaners with a good reputation to no avail!
    We have read some of the other reviews here and are going to try ammonia and see if that will help with our nightmare!
    If anyone has a website where there is a class action law suit started please let me know!

  16. Niki from Virginia
    Omg I wondering where I could complain about Bona.I bought this bottle from target thinking it would give me that clean look based on the advertising on Tv and elsewhere instead it has ruined my floor worth $13000.
    If there is class action I would like to join. This product needs to be off the shelves.

  17. I used the Clean &Refresh Bona product because I didn’t want to use the polish after I saw so many complaints. Guess what? Even though it’s not labeled as a polish, it’s the EXACT same product as BonaPolish, so my floors after the first application looked fine, UNTIL I used the Bona Cleaner and now my floors are cloudy and hazy. Horrible product! I religiously have used the cleaner twice a week with no problems, but because of the rest of the crappy products, I will use another hardwood floor cleaner. I’m on my way to the store to get some ammonia to try! What a crock of poop!!! I am done with ALL Bona products!

  18. This is a horrible product. Do not use!! Our new floor was nearly ruined. As soon as I noticed the dull streaking. I jumped on google and found this site. It took hours but think I have removed all residue and my floors look beautiful once again. This is what worked for me.
    Mix ammonia, windex, and white vinegar together.
    Spray floors and use soft dry towel-slowly rub until most of the residue is off. There will still be cloudy areas. Once floor is dry. Take pledge- yes pledge. I used the lemon 3x. Spray into micro fibre cloth and buff. It worked for my floor but did take hours!

  19. We could not understand here this milky haze was coming from on our beautiful dark ash hardwood floors. We thought it might have been the use of Murphy’s Oil soap (which we always used) but after scrubbing and scrubbing we could not get rid of the milky haze. I then looked in the cleaning supply cabinet to see what our cleaning person might have used and found the culprit. It was a small bottle right next to the Bona Cleaner…the Bona floor Polish….Apparently when buying what we thought was another bottle of the cleaner, we mistakenly purchased the polish and the cleaning person used it on the floors thinking the same. Researching the product, we found numerous complaints about it and it seems that the problem is magnified on dark floors. A YouTube video will suggest the use of the Bona stripper but you cannot even find it at any retail outlet. Before resorting to chemicals, I bought a steaming floor cleaner thinking it would melt the waxy film but it only smeared it around. I then tried using Windex with ammonia and it seems to yield the best results. Apparently the ammonia will dissolve and loosen the urethane coating enough for it to then be wiped off. You have to remove it before it dries or it will just smear. Purchase an inexpensive floor buffer for about $100 with rotating pads, put the Windex into the sprayer and buff the floor back and forth to loosen and dissolve the urethane. Have someone come behind you with a dry pad or towel and wipe up the floor dry.
    I would never recommend using anything other than Murphy’s Oil soap or a mild cleaner and water on your floors. Applying a coating of any kind is very risky and could have adverse effects because the types of original finish vary so greatly. Good luck and “may the floors be with you”

  20. I just bought my home in October. I bought the Bona products because my inlaws suggested it. The cleaner was great but the polish left a hazy cloud all over the floor and some areas there a “droplets” that wasn’t spread out completely I tried removing it with the cleaner, it would not come off. I tried plain old warm water and dish soap, doesn’t work. How do I fix my vinyl floors? I want in on the action class lawsuit.

  21. We made the mistake of using Bona Polish on our engineered hardwoods and noticed an immediate hazy film / residue on our floor that is only 2 years old. We are now trying to remove it ourselves in hopes that we won’t have to reach out to professionals and undergo a more costly route. We previously used their cleaner without issue, however after this experience, we will no longer be a bona customer in any capacity.

  22. I have used Bona Floor Cleaner and love the results. For the holidays I decided to polish my hardwood floors and use Bona Floor Polish. What a mistake!! My floors are hazy and smeared. If there is a class action suit, I would certainly like to join. This product should not be on the market!

  23. I could cry. I bought the polish by mistake, it was next to the cleaner and it does mention it is cleaner as well. It has ruined our hardwood floors. We have tried cleaning them daily, tried using vinegar and water but to no avail. I’m going to try using the suggestions above. If that doesn’t work we will have to pay to have them refinished. I can’t believe they sell this product.

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