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Hardwood Flooring


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Wood Floor Battleground

One of our flagship projects, this was a highly customized wood floor installation.

Originally this floor was entirely maple flooring and the homeowner wanted 4″ Tigerwood in the kitchen.

To get around the difficulty of removing the maple flooring without disturbing the cabinetry we left a 6″ perimeter of maple, which also left a connection to the flooring in the other areas of the home.

With the majority of the maple flooring removed, we then templated and curved Peruvian walnut for a 3/4″ feature strip. After the curves were templated, we installed the 4″ Tigerwood.

Once the Tigerwood was installed, we cut a 3/4″ channel for the feature strip and inlaid the pre-formed Peruvian walnut.

Following installation, the floor was sanded and finished with two coats of Glitsa green label floor sealer and one coat of 2 component waterborne finish.

This floor was awarded 2nd Place in 2008 for the National Wood Flooring Association Extreme Makeover contest.


wood flooring installing


This project was a home that involved installing new wood flooring and refinishing a portion of the home.

We installed approximately 800 square feet of 2 1/4″ select red oak flooring.

The floor was sanded and finished and Dura Seal Coffee Brown was applied followed by 2 coats of a 2 component waterborne finish.

This project was done to increase the marketability of the home to be sold on the real estate market.


sacramento hardwood installations


We completed this installation of two types of Australian wood flooring in summer of 2007.

The wood on the main level of the home is 5 1/4″ wide Spotted Gum flooring. The wood on the upper level of the home features 5″ wide Jarrah flooring.

All of the flooring was sanded and finished in a natural color and coated with a Glitsa green label sealer followed by two coats of waterborne urethane.

The upstairs of the floor features a radius nosing custom bent to match the balustrade.


hardwood installation project


This project was a 5″ first grade maple that we installed in a home with a contemporary theme.

The flooring was glued and cleat nailed per manufacturer and NWFA requirements.

All flooring greater than 4″ that is nailed to a subfloor should be glued as well because the distance between fasteners becomes too far.

The floor was sanded and finished with a coat of Glitsa Green label floor sealer and two finish coats of matte 2 component waterborne finish.


floor installation

Floor Installation Church

We were asked in install new 2 1/4″ select red oak in the upper staging area of this Presbyterian church.

The accented nosing material is African mahogany custom curved. The upper nosing is 40 feet in length and the lower is 52 feet in length.

The floor was sanded and finish using a traditional Glitsa conversion varnish finish system.

The inset on the lower step is meant to complete the hexagon effect of the pulpit below.



Alameda Refinished

This was a classic home from the 1930’s in which we refinished the original 1 1/2″ select red oak flooring.

The floor was poorly sanded beforehand and had serious amounts of chatter. We refinished everything and final sanded using a Lagler Trio.

A traditional Swedish finish system was applied using two finish coats of Green Label and One coat of Glitsa Gold Seal.


wood floor refinishing


This was a wood floor refinishing project that involved a very custom color creation.

The floor was oak and had walnut pegs that the owner wanted to cover with stain and finish.

To create the custom color we stained the floor Ebony, but to get it even darker and yet warmer in appearance we applied a tinted sealer coat that was a mix of burnt umber/lamp black paint colorant.

Applying paint colorant treated sealer is extremely difficult, but the look is optically amazing because the color stays very opaque until direct light hits it and then you can see the grain of the flooring.

This is a before and after series, where the original floor is a merlot colored stain that was very dated. We refinished the floors to prepare it to be listed on the real estate market.


sacramento hardwood


This project was one of a kind in so many ways.

To start with, the customers had only seen product at Lumber Liquidators, but once I assured them they were shopping bottom of the barrel material we chose a different product.

The dining room and living room floors are 4″ brazilian cherry with a custom herringbone detail in the dining room to match the ceiling detail.

The family room features a custom header made of a completely book-matched Camphor Burl inlay in a french oak border. The main field of flooring is 4″ wide rift and quartered red oak.

The entire floor was sanded and finished and a Glitsa MultiKote finish system applied.