Hardwood Flooring
Hardwood Flooring

What are you getting for your money?

Would you buy a car without knowing:


  • The color?
  • If it had a radio?
  • Whether it had leather or cloth interior?
  • If it had a reliable engine?


Would you hire a contractor to refinish your hardwood floors without knowing:


  • The name and specifications of the finish being used
  • If they are licensed and bonded
  • If they have a reputation of reliability

Every week I talk with consumers who don’t know anything about the finish being used on their floors other than if it is waterbased or oil based finish.

In addition, I talk with various hardwood contractors in the field who never discuss the finish being used with their customers. The contractor just gives the customer a price and depending on the cost of the job and material costs, purchases finish that allows them to stay profitable. The customer generally gets the finish that is the cheapest.

In the last year:


  • Insurance rates have increased
  • Material costs have increased
  • Fuel costs have increased


How is it possible that you can get the best floor for the cheapest price?

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