Hardwood Flooring
Hardwood Flooring

Who is providing your hardwood flooring?

In a recent discussion with a colleague he was talking with me about another retailer in town doing some “mystery” shopping at a competitor. The mystery shopper (another competing retailer) continued to drill the salespeople as to how they got their prices SO low. Apparently, the prices were at a level that were untouchable by any other supplier around.

Here’s the catch… The retailer is a storefront for the product manufacturer straight from China. That’s right, you’re buying direct from China and every single dollar spent goes directly back to them. That is pretty lousy for enriching the local economics.

When we talk about sustainablity we have to admit that product source is one part of the equation as well as economics. I won’t go into the whole quality issue, but let’s just say that the “mill direct” product is quite inferior to traditional solid hardwood flooring, or even a high quality engineered floor.

Don’t say you care about the environment if you’re having throw away products installed into your home. Our previous blog and video illustrate what a throw away product looks like.

Become a detective when you are buying a new product. You are welcome to email or call me if you have a question about whether you are buying junk. Let’s take back the quality that we so rightfully deserve in buying hardwood flooring.

Happy New Year!

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