Hardwood Flooring
Hardwood Flooring

How not to be a craftsman!

We were refinishing a set of floors recently in West Linn. I was appalled when I noticed the stair treads. The original installer of the treads made the following huge mistakes:

The nailer was setting the nails too deep…notice the large quotient mark that is black colored and shaped like a narrow slit.

No filler…This one is obvious

Nailing randomly…The least obvious spot for a nail is always in the broad (darker softgrain). These nails were just shot in at random without regard for best appearance. Give a dummy a trigger and you’ll get some strange results.


Everyday you walk into your house would you really want to look at this? Just curious. This blog posting is sort of a rant about a pet peeve of mine, but I would love any comments.

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