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Hardwood Flooring

Dura Seal Provincial Red Oak Refinish

We just completed a refinishing project for our client in Meadow Vista, California. She is doing a remodel and requested a color that would compliment the copper sink and copper colored veining in her granite counter tops. The kitchen cabinets were knotty alder.

What finish was used:

Stain color – Dura Seal Provincial

Sealer – Glitsa Green Label Floor Sealer

Top Coat – Glitsa Multikote satin finish.

If you are looking through this page, there is something very important to know in order to achieve this exact color. You will need to use either a conversion varnish sealer or an oil modified product. Waterborne sealers and finishes applied directly to this stain will not achieve this exact depth of clarity and richness. So, if you are planning your project, then discuss with your contractor the importance of using a quick dry oil modified sealer if they elect to use waterborne finish for the upper finish coats. Also please keep in mind that this floor was “water-popped” in order to get the darkest and most even color for this stain that is possible.


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