Hardwood Flooring
Hardwood Flooring

What’s your cost for….?

Before we start let’s ditch the term cost for the phrase wood flooring investment. I also want to be frank and say we’re not going to be the lowest bidder for your project.

Around Sacramento there are many flooring “businesses” operating that are willing to work at the lowest price possible without any regards to service, quality and longevity. We’re not one of them.

Whether it’s wood floor refinishing, hardwood flooring installation, or wood floor repairs the question is rather tricky to answer with a one size fits all answer. A professionally executed wood floor is an elaborate skill intensive process.

I know of many other businesses in Sacramento that will happily offer their square foot prices over the phone but then inflate it later when they see the floor in person and realize it needs more attention. It’s a silly trick to get a foot in the door and exert high-pressure sales tactics during an on-site estimate.

Wood flooring cost is comprised of two major elements:

skill/professionalism and quality of products. So which do you want to compromise?


I have been a wood flooring contractor in several areas of the country and Sacramento (like most areas) is underserved by skilled and trained wood flooring professionals. Let’s face it, training costs money and requires time and discipline.

Do you think you would be allowed to become a doctor if you spent two years working in the office with an uncle who is a doctor? That’s essentially how 95% of wood flooring contractors entered the business.

Unlike a bad haircut, your wood flooring does not “grow back” and a wrong decision means you’re stuck with the effects of poor quality.

Product Quality

Wood flooring products are certainly the most misrepresented and over-marketed segment of the home improvement market. Why? Because a hardwood floor can be the single greatest contiguous segment of a home, so the sales potential is bigger for companies compared to other products.

This labyrinth of marketing, internet advice sites, untrained salespeople, and unscrupulous contractors creates a difficult road to navigate.

Let me offer only one truly reliable idea: the price for 98% of wood flooring products is directly related to their quality. It would be too difficult to explain every example here, but in my blog there is considerable information to illustrate this.

It would be silly to think most consumers around the Sacramento area who contact us are not obtaining multiple estimates for their wood flooring project. All we ask is that you compare apples to apples and not oranges when looking at the price.

To avoid making uninformed and poorly educated choices we created a quick checklist of basic questions to ask during estimates. Otherwise it could cost you…

If you simply want a number for budget planning purposes, that’s exactly what our orange button on top is all about. The more information you’re able to provide, the better we can serve you with an accurate price for your wood flooring project.

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