Hardwood Flooring
Hardwood Flooring

Finish technology, the great unknown

I was at my distributor today and overheard something amazing. A company owner who has been in business many years was asking for some product. Here’s how it goes,
Owner, “I want the lightest colored finish you can use on maple.”

Dist rep, “You need BonaSeal for the lightest look.”

Owner, “Can I put Glitsa Infinity on top?”

Dist rep, “Sure”

Owner, “I just want whatever is cheapest for this job.”

If these are the questions of a “veteran” and the operating principles, then it’s no wonder homeowners are lost when comparing estimates. Would this make you confident to know it was your floor?

Homeowners, here is the way to solve things. Look the contractor in the eye and say the following question, “If this were your house and you could use any product to make your floors most durable, then what finish would you use and why?”

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