Hardwood Flooring
Hardwood Flooring

How can you really be assured of top quality service?

You will hear a lot of people make many verbal promises during your wood floor estimate if it will get them your project. We’d rather put it all in writing and then live up to our promises during and after your project. This is our written and genuine guarantee of what you get in dealing with our hardwood flooring sacramento business.

1) Workmanship

We promise to perform all of our projects in a manner that meets or exceeds National Wood Flooring Association guidelines. In fact, at the moment, we’re the only hardwood flooring sacramento company that has passed written and hands-on testing on these standards to become certified.

This means we will install or refinish your wood floors according to a measurable benchmark recognized and used by tens of thousands of elite industry craftsmen. This means you will not have: loose boards, squeaks, sanding marks, dirty final coats, blotchy stain jobs, premature finish wear, etc…

2) Etiquette

Respecting your time and your property is very important to us. We will always ensure to clean your home during and after our project to prevent excessive dust buildup. We use special sanding machines and tools from Germany that have exceptional dust collection.

You don’t like living in a dusty house and we don’t enjoy breathing it while we work. Regarding schedule, because you have a life too, we make sure that we stay on schedule and show up when we say. This means you will not have to pace around the house looking at your watch (or phone).

3) Communication

Do you get really frustrated when you order something and get the wrong item at a restaurant? Just imagine that happening with your wood floors. No need to worry because communication and client expectations are the foundation of our business.

Our employees are fluent in English and trained not to make poor decisions without approval the business owner. This means you will not end up with the wrong color of floor in your home.

4) Licensing, Bonding, and Worker’s Compensation

Did you know that if you hire a hardwood flooring sacramento company without worker’s compensation that their employee could sue you if they get injured at your home? Just read this article. Auburn Refinishing is completely covered with active insurance, bonding, and worker’s compensation and our license is active with no claims or pending cases against us. Hiring a contractor without the proper coverage is financial Russian roulette is truly playing Russian roulette with your financial future.

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6) Durability and Service Life

We warrant our workmanship for a lifetime. This means we will return to make repairs if your boards become loose, split or cracked. Floor finish is difficult to warranty for a specific time period because the products we apply to your floor are not available with a written warranty from the manufacturer.

However, if you follow our recommended maintenance procedures then we can assure you that excessive and premature finish wear will not happen. It simply has not happened to any of my flooring projects in fifteen years of operating a wood floor business. We know the quality of our wood floor business is being evaluated years after the final payment is made.

5) References

Odds are that you have found our business online and may have seen our reviews. I can promise you that they are all real and by real people. In addition to online reviews, we have a list of very happy clients who you are welcome to contact.

We maintain a very high profile around the foothills community (Auburn, Loomis, Roseville, etc…) and I love seeing clients in the store and being proud to say hello.

This is our daily written promise to our hardwood flooring sacramento clients about how seriously we take your investment in your our business. We urge you to look for a similar commitment from any other businesses offering you their services as well.

Honesty still exists within the fast paced digital world and we promise to prove that for you.