Hardwood Flooring
Hardwood Flooring

So you want to work with us? That’s good news and I will detail the process step by step so there are no hidden surprises

1) Information gathering/exchange

If you live around Sacramento and need a wood flooring project now or in a few months we can answer flooring specific questions and help with your research. If you are here because of our blog or Youtube channel we are glad to help.

Fire away all of your questions and you will get honest answers without all the pitch and hard selling. If you want a quick ballpark for your wood flooring project, please click that orange button above and you’ll typically get a reply within hours if you’re contacting us during normal business hours.

2) On-site wood flooring consultation

Please understand that estimates, although they are complementary to consumers, do have a direct time and financial impact on us. On site estimates are an information gathering session for everyone involved.

The more you can communicate your needs for your wood flooring project, the more it helps us deliver an exceptional product on schedule. If you want hardwood flooring installed, then we will cover the essentials of acclimation, durability, and product serviceability at this time.  For wood floor refinishing projects

3) Logistics

After you choose us to install new wood flooring or refinish your existing wood flooring we will discuss dates, entry to the home, parking, and expected living conditions.

Typically homeowners can occupy the home on our projects until application of stain and finish, which usually requires two evenings of total vacancy of the home. The exception is if you elect to use a hardwax oil system such as Pallman Magic oil or Rubio monocoat.

4) Contracts/Deposits

We are just as serious about operating our business properly as you are with getting the best quality wood flooring. All of our projects that exceed $1000 require a written contract (it’s state law).

On the day of starting we collect a deposit to cover our initial expenses and protect ourselves financially.

Our contracts will completely explain customer expectations and cover the entire project scope of work.

5) Job process

We generally work Monday-Friday 9am-5pm on our projects. If your project requires an expedited completion, please let us know and we will work on a way to assist you. During our projects we will work to maintain a clean working environment as much as possible. We remove trash and debris on a regular basis and keep it from public view during the project.

If you have pets, please let us know any special instructions to avoid their escape from your home.

6) Job Completion

After your wood flooring installation or sanding project, we return to the home to ensure that all small details are complete. This includes molding re-installation, transition installations, and carpet tucking. It is important that you let us know about any other remodeling work that will follow so we can advise you on how to proceed with the work to ensure your investment looks great at the end of the day.

At this time we will also thoroughly explain how to maintain the floors and how to acquire additional approved cleaning products.

7) Regular Follow Up

We are a long-term wood flooring service business and hope that your clients will remember us for years to come. Because life gets in the way and people forget, we try to stay in touch with our clients regularly, if they want it. We offer a quarterly newsletter, mailers, and social media contact. Believe it or not, the wood flooring industry is constantly evolving and we like to share our finds so that clients can stay educated on consumer matters.