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Hardwood Flooring

Old houses and historically accurate repairs

I was working last week on the home of my friends Patrick Galvin and Ellen Galvin in order to restore a section of flooring in their home that was buried under carpet. As you can see in the following sequence of photos the removal of the carpet revealed a couple of surprises.

After removing the carpet we installed salvaged old growth fir flooring reclaimed from a school in Milton-Freewater. The floors were sanded and finished according to our standard process. As you can see in the next photos the floor maintains an original appearance. This is critical not only for appearance, but for maintaining a historically accurate appearance.

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  1. Thanks, Scott…we also had a "surprise" when we got back from vacation and saw our beautifully restored floors. Truthfully, we didn't know how you were going to work your magic, but you certainly did!

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