Hardwood Flooring
Hardwood Flooring

Home Depot refinishes hardwood floors?

Not really. Let me explain in case you were wondering.

  1. Sign up for a refinish with Home Depot
  2. They send out NHance (another franchise company)
  3. NHance does the job, but gives 20% of the gross cost back to Home Depot
  4. The owner then does the job and afterwards pays fees back to the franchise

That’s a big chain of bureacracy if you are simply looking for someone to refinish your hardwood floors. You have two layers of cost added to the project because two different companies get a cut of the money before it makes it into the hands of the actual franchise owner. If you assume 30% goes back to various sources then let’s do the math.

Home Depot charges $4.25 per square foot here in Portland to refinish hardwood floors. That means that the owner is actually charging around $2.97 sq ft for refinishing. I know firsthand that NHance uses three coats of single component Bona Mega for their floor finish. Despite all the marketing in the world, I can tell you that it’s a junk product. In fact, in our project gallery the project titled Battleground had been refinished by NHance two years beforehand and was badly worn at the time when we added the new custom floor and refinished everything.

I’m not speculating about the information on this blog because I’ve had conversations with previous owners of an NHance franchise. I know what product they use because we purchase from the same distributor as NHance. Consumers please don’t put all of your faith in Home Depot. They’re great at marketing, but they don’t really refinish floors, install windows, flooring, etc…

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