Hardwood Flooring
Hardwood Flooring

What defines integrity in our industry?

Integrity is a commonly thrown around word by many contractors and some companies have it in their name. Let me just lay these items out:

Your reputation is being evaluated long after the final check is cashed. To the fairness of us contractors though, if you don’t point out something after we have gone, please contact us to deal with it. Contractors with integrity will be back to fix problems.

Time tells all-In an era of increasing pressure on pricepoint, the world of pre-finished wood flooring warranties has become ridiculous. If you’re worried about your dogs and children, then get customer lists of a product that is a few years old and pay them a visit. It will tell you more than a warranty paper.

A contractors house is where you will see the most high value products. They know what performs best for the money and put it into their house. That doesn’t mean expensive, just high performance level for the money. Whatever they’re selling you, ask if they would put it into their house if money wasn’t the only issue.

Everyone makes mistakes-end of story. It’s how you work with the buyers to deliver a resolution that makes them happy in the end. Attitude gets you nothing, but high stress and sometimes lawyer bills.

My good friend Jesse Pender of Portland Tradesman was the inspiration for this blog.

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