Hardwood Flooring
Hardwood Flooring

Lowest price=Lowest Common Denominator

I had a thesis advisor who did a lot to help me avoid one of the common pitfalls that happens to people. He always referred to it as the “lowest common denominator” as a suggestion that people would rather be a minimalist in their ways than really try to achieve the most that they could in every endeavor.

The problemĀ  that consumers don’t realize is that all contractors pay roughly the same cost for materials, unless they are stealing material, which I doubt. Therefore, to have a lower cost the contractor must have a lower labor cost.

To have a lower labor cost either jobs must happen faster or employees must be paid less. HERE are the pitfalls of such a model.

1) Faster jobs-If you want attention to detail on your project, then forget it if the job is a production job that has to be done quickly.

2) Low paid employees– Underpaid employees really don’t want to do the best job, end of story.

Here is my challenge:

If you know the name of a licensed hardwood floor company in Placer County that is “cheap” and always a low bidder, and has legal employees covered by workers compensation then please give me their name. I want to know their model and secret if their work looks good. I will donate a free premium Glitsa tack mop and cleaning kit once I see the job and you can convince me that their work is really a quality product if I know what finish they used on the floor.

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