Hardwood Flooring
Hardwood Flooring

Use a professional and save

I was having an interesting discussion with the manager at my wholesale hardwood flooring distributor today regarding restocking fees. Let’s look at a few reasons why dealing directly with a hardwood flooring contractor works to your advantage to eliminate unexpected costs:

  1. Same products-As I have mentioned previously, many products that retailers sell are the same products available at wholesale distributors for wood flooring contractors.
  2. Accurate orders-Beyond using a tape measure an experienced contractor knows how different patterns and room layouts affect the need for product. For example, changing directions in an installation to a 45 degree angle can increase product needs by 3%.
  3. Decreased administrative fees-Because your contractor is interacting directly with the wholesale wood flooring distributor there is less handling cost associated with an order. Therefore, the restocking fees are either eliminated or greatly reduced.
  4. Complete orders-All too often I hear many stories about projects that are delayed because a person forgot to order a transition strip, proper underlayment, etc… Qualified flooring contractors are very aware of the little finish details of a project because they do the installation as well.

The most interesting point in my discussion at the distributor was that some retailers are no longer accepting returns at all. The alternative though, is that some retailers do accept the return with a 15-30% restocking fee. The small quantity then gets resold for a slight discount, thus actually becoming more profitable than an accurate order.

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