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Hardwood Flooring

Restoring a botched sanding job

The other day we received a phone call from a distraught homeowner. She had unfortunately hired a “fly-by-night” contractor for a job. Originally when he was hired he was there to install tile, but assured the homeowners he could also refinish the wood floors. Because of the unethical nature of this person, I am willing to release that his company was called “A Touch of Class”, or at least that was the name under which he was operating. After checking his license I determined that was an inactive license with several judgments and orders to pay damage fees.

During this first portion we sanded the floor at a slight angle to remove the drum marks from the original sanding process. Here are the results after the first round of sanding.

Afterwards, we filled the floor to remove gaps and the process is shown here.

To illustrate the dust collection process we have a video clip of the process as seen here.

Final finish sanding is done using a Lagler Trio.

After all sanding was completed, we dampened the floor to prepare for staining. The floor was stained as a mixture of Coffee Brown and Golden Brown. Afterwards, two finish coats of a traditional Glitsa Swedish finish system.

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  1. question we removed a 30yr old carpet from our new house. we found oak floors, that where nailed from the top, we know this as you can see the nail head and the hammer indents of the wood. Basically damaging the HWF. I hear that it’s hard to sand floors when there are nails.

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