Hardwood Flooring
Hardwood Flooring

REAL Sacramento wood flooring contractors who install and refinish REAL wood floors

Welcome to our website. Consider it the mothership for all answers you need regarding installation, sanding, and finishing of hardwood floors in Sacramento.

Before we go farther let me explain our slogan…

REAL sacramento flooring Contractors…..

One way that we are different from the vast majority of Sacramento flooring businesses is that we are a California C-15 licensed contractor that provides floors and does all work in house.

The owner of this company Scott Avery is not simply a salesman, but also an expert Sacramento flooring contractor who manages your project in person with direct and accurate communication for quality and expectations.

Most flooring stores are not operated by contractors who show up on your job and use tools. They are middlemen only and this is the reason for significant communication breakdown during projects.

Sacramento Flooring

Don’t think that’s a big deal?

Let me share my insight…both as an NWFA certified Sacramento wood flooring contractor and wood floor inspector:

Chain of custody – Read through an average manufacturer’s installation instructions and they will go into great detail regarding the requirements for installing the floor.

If the flooring store does not clearly communicate what you OR the contractor must do in order to avoid voiding the warranty, what happens when you need to make a claim?

This could take a long time to write or read, so I’ve made a quick video of just such a story here.

Fit and Finish – What about ALL of the minor details in completing a wood floor project that become major details later?

Subfloor preparation, molding removal, transitions, carpet removal, etc…

I know a lot of subcontractors who have completed sales orders for poorly trained salesman at retail flooring stores. They constantly feel slighted and end up having to “eat” the costs on all details the estimator missed. So what happens when there is a disagreement between the retailer and the installer?

Lack of Training – I should put this one at the top of the list honestly.

Believe it or not, installing wood floors has become a REALLY complicated business that demands a lot of continuing education and a broad network of colleagues.

How many years you have been operating a business is NOT a measure of experience and I wish contractors would stop using it as a benchmark.

We all go to schools and universities. We are tested along the way to test our progression of knowledge. From there we are graded accordingly and advance or repeat courses.

If the hardwood industry followed this model, then most of its contractors would still be in preschool because they never step foot through the door to be educated.


LOTS OF FINGER POINTING or worse yet, the installer “disappears” and stops returning calls. This happens often, especially from my experiences as an inspector.

NWFA Member

REAL wood floors….

We are Sacramento wood floor specialists who work only with hardwood floors that are finished on site.

Our reasoning for this exclusion:

a. The labor market for “bang it in” products is simply too saturated with “jack of all trade” types to make a reasonable living and differentiate your talents if you’re a skilled sand and finisher.

Everyone with a miter saw assumes they can install floors and this is very far from a true reality.

b. The overall fit and finish of site-finished floors is exceptional compared to most wood floors from a box.

Our sanding machines and other specialized tools allow for a much broader range of customization (color, sheen, shape, etc…) of your wood floors. Interestingly, site finished wood floors do not have a large price difference.

If you’re sold on the 50-year warranties of aluminum oxide floors, please read this for a reality check.

All of this leads to one basic difference between Auburn Refinishing and everyone else…

When you hire us, you become a client versus a customer, and yes there is a subtle difference from our perspective.

Client – The original definition of for client is “a person under the protection and patronage of another”.

Customer – A buyer of goods and services.

One last thought

When you hire Auburn Refinishing, you become our client for a lifetime. Our job is managing your wood flooring investment while protecting you from false marketing claims and shoddy products.

If you were wrongly accused of a crime you did not commit, would you seek out the lowest cost attorney in town? Or would you choose the best attorney with proven results?

You would likely seek to conclude things without landing in jail because time is precious and you’d rather be enjoying yourself than regretting a mistake while sitting in a concrete box for years.

Wood floors are no different…Whether you are refinishing existing wood floors or installing new wood floors, they are a long term investment and your time is important.

Would you haphazardly decide on your wood floor contractor based on price without regard to qualifications or product quality?

I hope not. Otherwise, you can call me later to inspect your wood floors because price was more important than results.