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Why franchises are not real hardwood floor refinishers

I was cruising around the Linked In group for my industry trade magazine. Interestingly I saw an ad for someone selling franchise opportunities for “The Revolutionary Wood Renewal” business. I looked further into the credentials of the person in charge for selling someone a franchise. The individual works for Harris Research. It turns out that Harris Research also owns Chem Dry carpet cleaning company.

Carpet cleaning wasn’t enough for these guys so they figured, why not become wood floor and cabinet refinishers? We’ll market as “non-toxic, dustless, and 1-2 day process”. I’m going to stop there and let readers think for themselves because this is where I begin to get frustrated with people being in my industry that sheerly want profit before ethic.

To top it off, the manager of franchise sales for this company was in mobile phone sales and then dental implant sales previously. So when did he become a floor and cabinet refinishing expert? Seth Godin says that marketers should be responsible for the quality of product that a company produces. I agree. If more companies had to actually use or be the recipient of services that they provide, in comparison to highly skilled boutique companies that make better products I think they would then see what charlatans they really are.

Thinking of calling Nhance and calling Modern Tech Floors to “bid” us against each other? Please save yourself the time and just call a real contractor instead of a franchise that has absolutely NO technical background in wood floor refinishing.

BTW I’ve taken the liberty of including a link to a related company that makes all these claims of making beat up floors look perfect without sanding and all of the complaints against them.


Here’s a video where we recently fixed a project done by a similar business.

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