Hardwood Flooring
Hardwood Flooring

Treat your floors well this holiday season

This year with all of the spills of goodies, drinks, and food please avoid the tendency to damp mop your entire floor. The best way to clean your floor is to use a dry tack mop like the one offered at www.glitsa.com. This will get up all of the dust, pet hair, and dirt. Occasionally (once per week) a light spritzing with neutral pH hardwood specific cleaner will retain the original luster.
Please avoid vinegar and water to clean your floor. It may seem to work well, but over time the acidity of the vinegar will attack your floor finish.
Also avoid heavy residue cleaners like Swiffer wetjet, Murphy’s oil soap, and Pine Sol. The residue will gradually dull the shine of your floor and make refinishing very difficult. Also avoid cleaners like Mop-n-Glo because they contain trace amounts of silicone, which make recoating your floor (cheaper process) not possible because it ruins the chance for adhesion of a new layer of finish.

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