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Wood Floor Battleground

One of our flagship projects, this was a highly customized wood floor installation.

Originally this floor was entirely maple flooring and the homeowner wanted 4″ Tigerwood in the kitchen.

To get around the difficulty of removing the maple flooring without disturbing the cabinetry we left a 6″ perimeter of maple, which also left a connection to the flooring in the other areas of the home.

With the majority of the maple flooring removed, we then templated and curved Peruvian walnut for a 3/4″ feature strip. After the curves were templated, we installed the 4″ Tigerwood.

Once the Tigerwood was installed, we cut a 3/4″ channel for the feature strip and inlaid the pre-formed Peruvian walnut.

Following installation, the floor was sanded and finished with two coats of Glitsa green label floor sealer and one coat of 2 component waterborne finish.

This floor was awarded 2nd Place in 2008 for the National Wood Flooring Association Extreme Makeover contest.