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Woodfloor UV Finishing

Refinishing wood floors and using UV cured finish is a rather new technology. We are the only contractor in Sacramento using this advanced technology. 

There are many traditional rules that people have for how long until you can walk on a floor or move back into the home following a refinishing project. A lot of those rules are centered around traditional oil modified polyurethane wood floor finish.

Traditional polyurethane relies on air to dry and harden the finish, so many factors can influence move-in times.

Really thick finish coats, rainy weather, and inadequate ventilation can greatly extend your time until you can use your wood floors.

The common rule of thumb has been that you need to wait 48 hours until lightly walking on the floors and even longer until furniture can be brought back into the home. I have heard some people suggest that area rugs should not be put back on the floor for 30 days. As you can imagine, these long delays can leave you stuck at a hotel or neighbor’s house, countlessly twiddling your thumbs. Beyond that, the smell of a finish would linger for weeks in some cases.

The industry worked on developing floor finish to alleviate a number of these issues. Waterborne finish is largely the best solution for avoiding lingering finish smells and expediting move-in times. While this finish has advantages, it also has a few disadvantages:

  • film build thickness
  • scuffing in the early stages of curing

So, a bunch of smart chemists got together and developed a way to catalyze wood floor finishes with specific wavelengths of ultraviolet light.

UV cured wood floor finish solves all of the issues that have plagued traditional wood floor refinishing. UV cured finish has a durability that greatly exceeds traditional wood floor finishes. In addition, there are no harmful volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) released following curing. After the finish is cured using the machine, the floor is instantly ready for use. If you are a familiar with the manicure process, you may liken UV wood floor finishing technology to gel nail finish, but for your wood floors.

As you can imagine, this is really helpful in commercial jobsites where people need to keep their doors open to make money.

You may be wondering why this system is not being used all over the Sacramento region.

The major reasoning literally has to do with cost of the system. An average UV curing system has a cost in excess of $10,000 and the finish has a higher material cost. The adoption of this technology by most wood floor contractors has been really slow because of startup costs and the finish can be more difficult to apply and cure.

At Auburn Refinishing, our core value aside from quality of workmanship is to provide a wide range of services to provide for the demands of our customers. We have enough requests from our customers to speed up move-in times and provide a wood floor finish that can handle the rigors of wood floors subjected to traffic from several dogs.

So here is a quick recap for you:

UV floor finish advantages:

1. Instantly move-in ready following curing

2. No smell following curing

3. Exceptional durability

There is only one disadvantage…PRICE. Using a UV cured wood floor finish does have a higher material and operating cost, so it is essential that you weigh the cost/benefit of this system for your needs. If you would like to know more about this finish system, please make sure to ask at the time of our estimate. As usual, we promise to advise you with full integrity regarding the best wood floor finish system for your needs.